Darth Vegan first originated as a place to share tips and advice about vegan activism. The growth of the Facebook page was spurred on by thought provoking memes about veganism and the ridiculousness of the carnist social norms we currently live in. After growing in popularity the creator of Darth Vegan, Jay Clair, branched out into doing public speaking to talk about vegan activism strategies with a focus on Social Media and the use of the popular behavioural science area of nudge theory. He recently featured at the Animal Activist Forum and Adelaide Vegan Festival.

In 2018 the page has pivoted and changed its focus. Whilst Jay will pop in time to time to share his thoughts, the page and site will now be predominantly managed by his sister and her partner Clydie and Phil. They will be sharing their love of vegan food and demonstrating that vegan food isn’t just about boring healthy food (some may argue you can do both).  They will be putting together a range of recipes that will help you wow some of your friends and family into realising that yes you can go vegan and still eat just how you want, excluding the cruelty involved in animal agriculture.

We look forward to sharing both the love of cooking and some advice on online vegan activism.

May The Forks Be With You

Jay, Clydie and Phil

Team Darth Vegan



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