Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Vegan?

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Vegan?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not technically vegan, but he is a protein-conscious eater. Of recent years he has dramatically reduced his intake of animal protein and increased his intake of plant-based foods. However, he still consumes eggs and dairy in moderation.

He has been quoted as saying “I do not believe in giving up dairy or meat.” This article will give you an overview on Schwarzenegger’s current vegan diet, including what kind of vegan food he eats and what kinds of animals he does not eat.

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Vegan?

He advocates highly for meat reduction and has been quoted as saying that “I try that every time I’m out of town. I do not mind if people criticize me for it. If I don’t look the same, the public will know. They will see me on a screen and they will understand that I am doing something different.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is basically 99% vegan but his diet consists of both vegan and non-vegan foods.

Why does Arnold eat vegan?

Arnold Schwarzenegger considers himself a “paleo”, or cave man in his diet. He believes that our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate what they could naturally find. He believes that all animals should be free to live their lives, not killed unnecessarily.

He is against factory-farms and agrees with the concept of free range, but does not believe it is necessary for an animal to be exposed to the outdoors.  Saying “I do not believe in giving up dairy or meat. I believe that we should protect the animals and use them for our purposes and eat them, but I don’t want people to look at me as some kind of freak.”

Why is Arnold not technically vegan?

In the past, Arnold did have some animal products in his diet. For example, he has been quoted as saying “I do eat fish once in a while. I do eat beef because I like it and I can’t give it up. But I haven’t touched any of the other products that come from animals, like milk, butter and eggs. Because I don’t believe in it.”

Arnold has also been quoted as saying “I do not believe in giving up dairy or meat. I believe that we should protect the animals and use them for our purposes and eat them, but I don’t want people to look at me as some kind of freak.”  “There’s a big difference between using an animal for food or wearing leather. I think leather is a product that we don’t need. But as far as animal products are concerned, I am convinced that if I cannot find a product that is free of animal products, then I probably should not eat it.”

Arnold is motivated more by the environment than the ethics of veganism

Vegan-inspired diets and the influence of environmental issues clearly play a significant role in Schwarzenegger’s diet.

After all, he is not a vegan because of some moral or ethical code, but because of his dedication to taking action against climate change. He also prefers low-meat, low-oil diets due to his concerns about pollution.  He believes that eating animals is environmentally harmful and that a meatless diet is healthier for the planet as well as more humane for animals.

Schwarzenegger believes that “One of the reasons my health has been so good is that I’ve cut way down on meat. I’ve also cut way down on oil and sugar, artificial flavorings and other chemicals. It’s all connected to pollution.”  “You have to ask what the right thing is for the planet.”

Schwarzenegger is not a vegan for ethical reasons but for environmental and health reasons.

Will Arnold Scwarzenegger ever go vegan?

There is no doubt that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a dedicated environmentalist and animal rights activist. It is very likely that he will continue to eat a diet consisting of both vegan and non-vegan foods.

However, there is no doubt that he will continue to eat a mostly vegan diet. He has certainly made the drastic change from meat-eating bodybuilder to vegan environmentalist. More recently he said that “With my own resolute dedication for the future, I’m going to go green. I’m going to become a vegan.”  At 65 years old, is there any reason to believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger won’t become completely vegan over time? The great thing about being vegan is that it can be done by anyone at any age.

How does Arnold’s view on veganism affect his children?

Schwarzenegger is extremely supportive of a vegan diet for his children, who have followed in his footsteps regarding fitness and environmental activism. He is a great role model for his children and is very involved in their lives.  He has encouraged them to be vegan and has publicly endorsed the lifestyle as a way to stay healthy.

“I’m not going to tell my kids what to eat – but I will teach them about nutrition and health.”

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