Tricked into Eating Meat: Tip – Just openly vomit the food out like this woman did.

Tricked into Eating Meat

The family of a vegan woman’s significant other fed her vegan meat, causing her to vomit loudly in a nearby toilet. “AITA for excusing myself to throw up when my boyfriend’s family gave me meat knowing I was vegan?” the woman asked on the Reddit forum, r/AmItheAsshole.

First and foremost, she was not the asshole. The woman, purpldingo, explained that she has been vegan for ten years and vegetarian for three.

“One thing to know is that after not eating meat, a person can’t jump right back into eating a lot of it without some… Seriously unpleasant digestive issues.”

The woman wrote about being drunk at a bonfire and getting confused between the vegan chilli and the meat chilli. She spent the next day “half fighting for my life on the toilet,” she said.

She now claims to be visiting her boyfriend and his family, who have always mocked her for being vegan. For a change, they were polite and even offered to make her a “meatless family recipe.” She described it as a chunky red pasta sauce with veggies that she thought was “kind of weird tasting,” but she ate it politely. To be polite, she said yes when they asked if she liked it.

“Then… His dad was like “Ha did you hear her, she said she liked it!” And the whole family except my boyfriend and I were acting like it was some big joke.”

That’s when her boyfriend’s father revealed that the sauce contained ground beef.

“I was like ‘goddamnit’ internally because I had a 4 hour flight the next morning and I did not want to spend it blowing up the airplane bathroom. So I was like “excuse me” and walked to the bathroom.”

His family was perplexed, so she didn’t close the bathroom door when she puked to give them a clear answer as to why she was leaving the table. His family was furious at her for leaving the door open, and her boyfriend was furious at how she handled the situation.

“He’s upset with me for that, I’m mad at his family, and I’m wondering… AITA for puking after my boyfriend’s family tricked me into eating meat? Even though I’m vegan and it would cause digestive hell for me?”

“These sound like the kind of people who’d think someone was making up an allergy and then put them in the ER when they decide to test their theory. They literally poisoned you. If your boyfriend is siding with them, then he’s just as bad as they are. Dump all of them. NTA,” user cbm984 wrote.

Another user, harpejjist, wrote, “When someone deliberately poisons you the appropriate thing to do is barf directly ON them.”

It is never acceptable to go against someone’s wishes and feed them something they have already stated they do not eat.

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